25 July 2014

Clap your hands and shake on a summer's day

A понякога просто не ти остава време да напишеш нищо ново, защото се бориш с малкото си свободно време, далеч от работата и от други хора.

Така че с малко закъснение, в понеделник odeqlo стана на 9, което звучи някакси безумно старо. Да му е честито, изпийте по един студен айран в жегата и се радвайте на всяка нова песен, която кара сърцето ви да подскочи.

17 July 2014


Because sometimes things don't quite work out the way you want to.
Sometimes you want to spend another day with your boyfriend, watching films and eating takeaway in bed. But you have to go to work.
Sometimes you honestly tried to help someone only to get a massive complaint from them. Because working in retail fucking sucks.
Sometimes you want a nice and quiet evening, so you can catch up with all the work and the 7 million emails. But it's the school holidays.
Sometimes you've been trying to write a blog post for weeks but your life happened, your friends happened, your midnight conversations, your big sister's graduation, your work, your promises, other people's alcohol, all of this happened, and you chose your priorities.

Now you need to go to bed and have another weird dream about flying tortoises made of starlight while you hope the following day to give you a bit more excitement and a reason to keep on going.