28 May 2013

And every moment was so precious

My life is a piece of Renaissance art. It's cracked and scarred, it has survived years in damp, dirty basements - hidden away and protected from wars, guns and bombs. It's unrecognisable and beyond repair, but it's precious and priceless, and it's mine. Beyond all the layers of dust you get to find the vibrant colours of the old masters, and if you are among the lucky few - I will allow you to read the hidden messages on my surface.
But for now I'm still yet to be discovered on the attic of a long-dead art dealer, forgotten and untraceable (and that sounded way more grim than I intended, but this too happens sometimes).

Also, I was doing a charity cycling event at work three days in a row which is currently resulting in a sore bum and bruises on the most unpleasant places.

25 May 2013

Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Just decided I need to freshen up this place a bit.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the orange/green scheme pretty much but I need something new now. Might be the wine talking. It probably is. Or it might be also the fact I haven't slept well (at all?) in many many days, and that I had too many anxiety attacks lately. Everybody has weeks like this one when things go terribly wrong and people go ballistic for all the wrong reasons.

What actually matters is that my portfolio is in. Yes, my last 9 months and 4 years worth of work are in for assessment - next is the Degree show (and you are all invited), then graduation and then all real life - I think. Maybe Berlin, maybe France, and bits of summery Bulgaria. All I need is a bit of a holiday but instead I get 9 hours of pretending I enjoy it when customers tell me how many Polish people are there in UK, and how "we" are stealing their jobs. Holiday can't come soon enough.

On a side note, I've had this blog for many many years. It has witnessed my ups and downs, deadlines, allnighters, parties, hangovers, loves and hates, music, films, trials and errors. Everything for the past 8 years, and I plan on keeping it that way.

My mysterious ways are finished now. Queue in all stories of ghosts and arctic animals. And I have plenty of those.

23 May 2013

Понякога попадаш в отчайваща ситуация, когато не си спал достатъчно от прекалено много време и когато вече не броиш оставащото до deadline в дни, а в часове. А понякога - и само понякога - се появява човек с лаптоп, който те спасява, а ти си мислиш колко безкрайно благодарна си понякога, че имаш такива приятели.

41hrs remaining.

20 May 2013

But I remember everything

Не мога да слушам Heroes поради всичките глупави причини на света. Вече понеделник вечер, а аз имам 3 1/2 дни да спра времето и да затворя всички неща, които ме разсейват и обладават мислите ми, в бутилка - да ги хвърля в морето и да си призная, че всичко вече е наред.
I am still right here


Всичко е наред. Всичко е под контрол.

07 May 2013

Well, what weights more down on your plate

В такива седмици се случват и неща, които ме карат да сияя и ухилена до уши да се влюбвам отново в песни и гласове. Editors с нов сингъл - и нов албум съвсем скоро - а аз си го поръчвам месеци предварително, защото това са Editors,  a Том Смит може да ме накара да се усмихна във всеки един момент, когато положението стане напечено.
Това бие рекорда на Gloss Drop, който купих в първия ден след издаването му (няколко часа онази импровизирана вечеря у карлота и няколко часа преди да ги слушам наживо (казвам слушам, защото не можех да видя нищо), след което слушахме албума вкъщи и беше безумно забавна ситуация, и имах и синини на крака, без да помня по каква специална причина. You're incident prone, както каза един от секюрити веднъж.)

02 May 2013

*running round in circles and screaming silently*